How it Works – PEO

What is a Professional Employer Organization?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a company who will take on certain responsibilities of your HR management, and provide a broad spectrum of HR solutions using a “co-employment” model. Through this relationship, your PEO provider assumes a shared responsibility of your risk and liability.


You maintain control over day-to-day operations and employee management, while DES takes care of the behind the scene non-revenue producing administrative function.

The Benefits of a Relationship with DES

The benefits of your co-employment relationship with DES include:

  • Expert guidance from our HR staff – We stay on top of the numerous regulations and changes that occur annually, so we can help you avoid common pitfalls in HR and benefits management. DES is actively involved with issues affecting Ohio businesses at both the state and local level. Our knowledge of the industry keeps little problems from becoming big ones!
  • Shared responsibility – We share the risk and liability for all of our services, giving you added peace of mind and allowing you to focus on increasing your revenue and building you business.
  • Scalable, cost-effective HR solutions-We offer affordable solutions that are scalable to fit the needs of your company, no matter how much you grow.
  • Optimized human resource services – Take advantage of our size, expertise, and technology to streamline your benefits and employee services for the maximum long term return on investment.
  • Benefits Cost containment – Our experts understand how to obtain competitive benefits for your employees while containing costs.
  • Simplified workforce management at your fingertips – Our PEO services include robust software, which integrates  functions including payroll and tax administration, time and attendance, HR, benefits administration and reporting to save you time and eliminate redundant tasks. 

How it works

Our PEO services allow us to take on your HR responsibilities, leaving you the freedom to focus on increasing productivity and profitability.