We have been utilizing DES services for many years. The entire staff is excellent in “customer” service. It never matters to any employee what my question, problem or concern is – they are ALL willing to help me in any way that they can. It is very comforting to know that they have my back in all HR related issues. It’s like having a special aunt or uncle that you know you can always go to for advice.

DES is currently in the hunt for another customer service representative for our home medical company. Once again I can let this matter be in their capable hands and know that they have our company’s best interest in mind during this process.
— Debbie Zinser, Aeratech Home Medical,

Since day one of our practice, Diversified Employee Solutions has assisted us in managing a successful business. They assisted with everything from our employee handbook to staffing our practice and many other services along the way. They also ensured we were compliant with the various rules and regulations that come with running a business. DES is truly a full service solution for all of our HR needs. — Dr. Tarang Sharma, Columbus Endocrine Consultants,

We have been with DES for over a decade and haven’t looked back since! The services provided by DES are unrivaled by the competition. They provide cutting edge resources that are tailored to our business and allow us to run it the way we intended. We absolutely love the web-based payroll system that allows us to streamline the payroll process, all while keeping us compliant. It is great to know that when we have a question, someone is always available to assist us and there is no run around. The staff at DES is not just focused on the present, but they also look towards the future. — Peggy Russell, Russell Products,

Diversified Employee Solutions offers services that are above and beyond the competition in all three areas: human resources, benefits, and payroll. They aided us in making sure we were compliant according to state and federal regulations as well as answering any unemployment and workers compensation questions that we have had throughout the years. The staff at DES also sat in with us during interviews for various positions within our company to lend a helping hand in the selection of our candidates. Ultimately we had the final decision in who we hired, but the staff at Diversified Employee Solutions gave us their expert advice to ensure we found the best employee possible. Overall DES is a full service company and we couldn't be happier with them and their services. — Denise Romanchok, Briden Construction,

Partnering with DES has been one of the best decisions our company has ever made! Steve and his staff have allowed us to focus on what we do best while they secure affordable benefits, manage all HR related issues, and work to keep us in compliance with the ever changing rules and regulations that affect all businesses. I would strongly recommend their services to any business looking to reduce headaches and increase profitability. — Andy Little, Sparton Enterprises,