Long-Term Value

DES Long-Term Value


Increase Your Long-Term Savings and Profitability

When you partner with DES, we analyze your human resource situation from top to bottom to ensure that every cost-cutting measure is taken. 


How You Benefit

Here are some of the many benefits you as a business owner will experience through a PEO partnership with Diversified Employee Solutions:

  • Large group buying power for savings in benefits programs
  • Avoid fines and penalties by taking advantage of DES’s expertise in legislation, regulations, and compliance issues
  • Benefits cost containment to give you long-term projected stability and eliminate surprises
  • Benefits compliance to ensure that your company avoids costly fees
  • Decreased employee turnover costs through our unique employee recruitment and retention programs
  • HR compliance to decrease risk and avoid costly mistakes
  • A web-based software platform with comprehensive HR functions that eliminates redundancies, reduces errors, and allows you  24/7 accessibility to important information


How Your Employees Benefit

Here are some of the ways that your employees can benefit from our Professional Employer Organization services:

  • Robust benefits packages
  • Expert HR management to effectively handle any situation
  • Employee development
  • Quick response time for questions and requests
  • Efficient payroll services
  • Powerful software that gives employees the ability to access/update important information